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Mattel Youth Activation Summit Stories

Remarks about SOIna Youth Summit 2014 from St. John

15 students from St. John Catholic School share their stories about Mattel Youth Activation Summit 2014.

Last weekend I went to a Youth Summit event which was held by SOIna. The event made me feel more independent. We saw people not in a different level, either they need special treatment or not, we’re the same. We played a long, we had meals together, we mingled around, and many more. They taught me to appreciate others more, especially ones with special need. Some SOIna’s coach said that the government still looked at the special needs as people that were different from us. Well, I hope that the government can see them, not only as athletes with disabilities, but also treat them with respect, so they can make Indonesia proud.
Rachel_St John’s School

Last Saturday, we went to Youth SOIna activity. It was quite an experience. Meeting new people from other schools, learning the habit of people with disabilities, knowing the point of view of the SOIna’s coach, the athlete and others, and what they were capable of, which was amazing.
Kirine_St John’s School

In Jubilee School, I had so much fun doing activities with the athletes from SOIna, particularly with Widhi.  We were partners. At first, we rarely talked, but as the time went by, we talked a lot and  I participated more. I wish I can have an event again with SOIna. I can’t wait and hopefully I will be chosen again. That time, I was happy that I was chosen.
Stefan_St John’s School

It was a fun experience for me. I could make friends with people I haven’t met before. A special friend, an athlete. I could help him to play or coached him to compete. Yesterday, it was not about competition or fighting, it was about fun.
Jose_St John’s School

When I was in the Special Olympic, first, I felt nervous, then when I met my partner, everything changed. He was just normal as we were. We did every activity normally and we had fun. When I left him, I felt sad.
Aldo_St John’s School

I was having so much fun  when I joined the Social Olympic Indonesia. I learned many new things there. It was a pleasure to be part of them. They inspired me not to give up in life and always give thanks for what I have. Differences can’t stop people to reach their dream to win. Respect and teamwork were the main things that I got from SOIna. So, thank you so much for the opportunity.
Kashaya_St John’s School

First of all, I would like to say that having myself wake up at 4 am was worthed as well as the pain in my hips, because the program last Saturday wasn’t just inspiring, but encouraging. Lots of the messages presented, especially from Farhan. He gave me a new impression about children with special needs, especially about their capability in doing great things, like competing abroad. Following this program has also given me an access to a wider friendship range and opened gate away to my hidden soccer talent. That’s all the good impression that I can share to you regarding to the event I’ve participated last Saturday, April 5, 2014. Now, I just want to offer you my most genuine gratitude.
Davin_St John’s School

I was very happy to join the activity, because I could learn the meaning of respect, looking at the special needs on the same level as us. I want to join that event again and get more lessons.
Meily_St John’s School
My experience of last SOIna’s event was a fun, need-creativity and need-more- carefulness activity. Why need carefulness? Because at first, we had to take care one of SOIna’s  athletes that partnered with us. Our tasks were to play, introducing our self and doing everything with the athlete and make sure that the athlete was okay (not hurt or become sick). We also made friends with other athletes.
Patricia_St John’s School

Dear SOIna,
Thank you very much for the day, that was so amazing! I had so much fun with SOIna friends! And so, I could know them better. I was also thankful that I still had a chance to play with them and play with her (my SOIna’s athlete). I hope I will have another Youth Summit with you later! Once more, thank you for the unforgettable moment that we have made.
Cherubine_St John’s School

I felt the Youth Summit was really interesting. I could spend a day together with the athletes of SOIna. It taught me to be responsible and make a good team work, and also to know that everyone was the same as us. In the Youth Summit, the students could mingle really fast with the athletes. We played, worked in a team work, and had meals together. I hope I can visit them again anytime and start changing the word “retard” with “respect”. I could get close to the SOIna’s family by this Youth Summit. It was a memorable experience.
Geordie_St John’s School

When I went to the SOIna’s school at Rawamangun, I saw many athletes had been waiting for us there. I accompanied Wibowo along the program. He was quite calm somehow, but active when doing group work. When we played futsal, he was good in being a keeper. He also liked to sing together in the bus that time. I felt happy even though the bus was quite crowded.
Juan_St John’s School

I was very happy because we could share so many things, play, and work together. I hope I can  be chosen again. That was my best day ever!!! If we are chosen again, we can sing in front of the special needs. See you.
Tasia_St John’s School

Last Saturday was a fun and exciting day. I learned lessons that were useful for my daily life. The lessons were about being sportive, friendship or togetherness, being cooperative in every activity, giving ideas and be confident. We were able to socialize with the athlete excellently and made new friends from different schools. We should respect other people and not make differences  by their physical looks or mentally. Every person is the same and created in a special way. We have to work together, create the perfect team and give our everything if we want to get something. Never give up!
Natalie_St John’s School

Joining an event with SOIna was realy great. It was fun meeting them, however it was difficult to interact with them. It required lots of patience. This was because if we got mad, we would hurt their feelings. If they couldn’t do something, we had to help them. And most of all, we had to give them freedom, even though sometimes it lead to a mess. This program, however, was fun because we could interact well with them.
Kayla_St John’s School

When the SOIna invited me, I was very interested. I woke up early in the morning to gather with my friends in school. First, we went to Rawamangun and met new friends who are SOIna’s athletes. After that, we had breakfast with the athletes in McDonalds and it was fun. In the bus, on the way to Jubilee school, I talked to them. In Jubilee, we had a seminar in which we decorated balls and play. It was really fun. I was really inspired with Farhan’s presentation. I was happy that I gained a massive amount of experience from the trip.
William_St John’s School

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