Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stories from Mattel Youth Activation Summit

Mattel Youth Activation Summit lalu meninggalkan kesan bagi para peserta nya baik dari partner maupun guru. Setelah kami minta untuk menuliskan kesan-kesan mereka, mereka langsung bersemangat untuk menggoreskan itu semua diatas kertas. Berikut kesan-kesan dari peserta Youth Summit yang telah dibagikan kepada kami.

·         Athlete (Pinpin)
Pinpin is a nice athlete age 24 years old who joined these events and made everybody so amazed. She really enjoyed the events. She said, “I am such a new celebrityJ. I like it. When is the upcoming event? I want to go to more schools and talk to them.”
·         Partner (Annette)
Annette is a student from SD Fransiskus age 13 years old. She is very caring person. She got a partner named Vega- who is a hyperactivedownsyndrom. Annette wrote this statement: “I am very happy get the opportunity to socialized with person with ID. I like Vega. She is nice though she like run here and there but still I like her. This event make me realized that people with ID can do anything more they can be a winner in sports. I hope Special Olympics Indonesia can make more people see that we have to respect all people including people with ID”.
·         Teacher (Ms. Kusdarwati)
Ms. Kusdarwati is a sport teacher in SDN Pegadungan 12. She gave Special Olympics Indonesia 10 racket of tennis table that she made by herself. We used the racket to become a art thing in hand of Youth Leader in this Summit. She said, “I am proud of the athletes and also my students. I haven’t imagined that they are so blended. I see they feel very happy. It is amazing they care of each other. I hope in the future Special Olympics Indonesia find more youth to this program.”
·         Parent (Mother of Pinpin)
This mother always supports her daughter event she has to skip attending her store. She said, “I thank Special Olympics Indonesia because giving chance to Pinpin to be proud of herself in Youth Activation Program eventhough in sport Pinpin is not appointed to world games”.
·         Volunteer (Ms. Rantih)
Ms. Rantih is mother of Farhan Arandra (Youth Leader 2013). She is recruited as volunteer to help committee. She is very happy to help us. She said, “I am proud of my boy. Because of him I really like to get involved also in this event. And I see that all youth leaders are very happy to have this excited experience. I can not wait to join other events of Special Olympics Indonesia as loyal volunteer.”

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